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PION Introduced their indigenously developed Variable Voltage Auto Transformer (Variac) in the year 1986. Since then PION is one of the leading manufacturer in the country for quality Variable Voltage Auto Transformer (Variac).

PION manufactures wide range of Variable Voltage Auto Transformer (Variac) suitable for indoor & outdoor applications with wide current range from 2A to 500A both in Air & Oil Cooled. PION has supplied thousands of these Variable Voltage Auto Transformer (Variac) to various industries in India. Quality of PION Variable Voltage Auto Transformer (Variac) are well patronized with repeat orders from our customers. The plant is well equipped with most modern machinery & Test Equipments to conduct tests as per IS: 5142.

Design :

PION research has developed design features and proprietary process providing long lasting, more reliable products. Particularly to withstand high temperatures and faster dissipation of heat generated.

Voltage Ratings :

Basic single SCROLL Variable Voltage Auto Transformer (Variac) are rated either at 240V AC or 120V AC, For 1 Ph application one coil is used, for 2Ph applications two coils are used and for 3 Ph application three coils are used. For some applications connected in series to withstand high voltages.

Current Ratings :

Air Cooled from 2 Amps to 100 Amps in 1PH, 2PH, 3PH Oil Cooled from 2 Amps to 500 Amps in 1 PH, 2PH, 3PH No. of coils are paralleled to increase current carrying capacity.

Efficiency & Regulation :

All PION Variable Voltage Auto Transformer (Variac) designed to Produce less heat and low watt losses to achieve extremely high efficiency and close Voltage regulation. Found the best comparative to many.

Other Features :

No wave form distortion. Smooth and stepless voltage control. Silver plated commutator surface. Simple installation and connections. Long Life with negligible maintenance. Voltage Doubling , Current Doubling possibility with series and parallel of coils. Low Temperature rise- class "F" Insulation. Rugged mechanical Construction. Spare carbon brushes provided. Motorized Transformers also available with gears. Faster deliveries with consistent quality . Highest installed production capacity in India. Most integrated modern plant. In house raw material processing for consistent quality.

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