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PION MAKES AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE STABILIZER WHICH PROVIDES STABILIZED AC VOLTAGE. FOR CONTINUOUS OPERATION OF LOAD EQIPMENTS , AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE STABILIZER IS A RELIABLE SOLUTION. IT IS USED TO PROTECT DOMESTIC EQIPMENTS FOR VOLTAGE FLUCTUATIONS. Unlike Manual voltage stabilizer, Automatic voltage stabilizer do not require manual setting of output voltage but rather gives automatic protection against pre defined voltage range. 

We also manufacture heavy duty industrial grade automatic voltage stabilizer.


Available Power Capacity0.25 kVA to 5kVA (Above 5 kVA on user demand)
Input Voltage Range170V-290V, 140V-290V, 115V-290V, 150V-305V, 165V-295VOR Customize
Output Voltage220V +/- 10% OR Customize
Freq47Hz to 53Hz
Protections- Output over voltage & under voltage cut-off (Optional)
- Short-circuit & overload protection using MCB (Optional)
Indications- Output On, Over Voltage & Under Voltage Cut-off
Voltmeter Display- Analog/Digital Voltmeter to show input/output voltage Withinput output voltmeter selector switch (Optional)

General application guidance :

For customers understanding on how to select stabilizer, following table give some help.

Power CapacityGeneral application
0.25 kVAFor television, settopbox or equivalent load
0.5 kVAFor fridge, Computer with printer
1 kVAFor water cooler, Upto 1000 liter Refrigerator or equivalent load
2 kVAFor deep refrigerator or equivalent load
3 kVAUp to 0.75 ton AC or equivalent load
4 kVAFor 1.5 ton AC or equivalent load
5 kVAFor 2 ton AC or equivalent load

This is just general guidance for customer but according to application power capacity can be change.

We also design & manufacture customize electronic voltage stabilizer for bulk orders.

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