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Parnved trade-link india design & manufacture the control transformers which set the high quality industry standard for excellent performance, innovation & design. For better voltage regulation they are designed with low impedance winding. They are designed in a way that they can accommodate the high inrush current which is suitable for the applications associated with solenoids, relays, contactor coils etc. To maintain the high quality we take care at each & every stage of manufacturing & design process. To meet the diverse needs of machinary manufacturers & Panel builders a large number of designs are available.

We also design the customize control transformer according to customer’s requirement with no minimum order. We design, manufacturer, test & ship a custom control transformer in approx. time period of two weeks or less.

Parnved Trade-Link (india) offers multiple tappings in control transformers. The multiple control transformers are designed to response the increased the need for flexible and multiple voltage rating. In a single transformer we offer multiple voltage tappings on primary side with single or multiple voltage tapping on secondary side.

Control transformers are designed & manufactured for the global market and are the best choice when size, quality and cost are concern.


Parameter Description
Transformer winding type Auto / Isolation / Double wound
No of Phase Single Phase, Two Phase, Three Phase
Power Rating For Single & Two Phase – 50 VA to 10kVA For Three Phase – 50 VA to 30 kVA
Frequncy 50/60Hz
Primary Voltage Upto 750 V AC
Primary Tappings Customize
Secondary Voltage Upto 750 V AC
Secondary Tappings Customize
Cooling Air natural / Forced air
Winding material Copper / Aluminium (Insulated)
Insulation Class Upto Class H
Construction Open Enclosed (Enclosure on customer demand)
Terminals Safe touch connector (Spring Tension & Screw type)
Make of terminal Wago/Elmex /Phoenix or Other

CE Marking:

Industrial control transformer entering the europian market must have CE marking or declaration of confirmity to CE. European Union (EU) documentation requires compliancewith specification EN 61558 of the Low Voltage Directive. For further information regarding CE marking please contact us.

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