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Line Reactor/ Line Choke/Inductor

PION manufactures quality line reactor , inductor, line choke at Ahmedabad,Gujarat.The reactor/choke/inductor can be used to solve or eliminate problems on the input or the output of the motor control. Properly sized reactors reduce the rate of rise of current (peak current) and the harmonic content of the current waveform. Reactor can be placed either line side (input) or the load side (output). Reactor put at line side it is known as line reactor/choke and the reactor put at load side is known as load reactor. Reactor will reduce the voltage and current stress on input rectifier of motor controlling unit (adjustable/variable frequency drive known as VFD) which will increase the protection and life of the VFD.

According to Number of Phases they can be classified as single and three phase line reactors/choke.


Single Phase Line Reactor/Choke

The basic details of single phase line reactor are given below as general specifications.

General Specifications:

220V Single Phase Line Reactor/ Choke, 50 Hz, 3% Impedance

Part NumberPower (in HP)Power (in kW)Rated Current (Ampere)Inductance (mH)
PV1PLIR0.5-30.50.3752.4 A8.6
PV1PLIR0.75-30.750.56253.6 A5.7
PV1PLIR1-310.754.8 A4.3
PV1PLIR2-321.59.7 A2.1
PV1PLIR3-332.2514.6 A1.4
PV1PLIR5-353.7524.3 A0.863
PV1PLIR7.5-37.55.62536.5 A0.575

These are the line reactors/choke specially made according to motor power capacity and current ratings. We also manufacture customized line reactor/choke or inductor as according to customer requirement.

*This publication is issued to provide outline information only and is not defined to form part of any offer and/or contract. The company has a policy of continuous product development and improvement, and we therefore reserve the right to vary any information without any prior notice.

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